Wednesday, October 13, 2010

girls day and night out

Girls Day Out
We decided to go to PLUIT for culinary. 
Our plan are PanCake, Ramen 38 Sanpachi, Sushi, crab, and roasted corn
three of them were closed when we got there, so we started with original waffle from Gelare as our brunch, next is Ramen 38 Sanpachi as our lunch and go to another resto to get a 'kepiting saus padang'.
For close our culinary day, we decided to cheese cake factory to eat some cake. TRIPPLE CHOCO CHEESE is so recomended from me! so nyummi.. And we finish it with salmon calzone.
What a happy day for my mouth and my stomach.
 original waffle from Gelare

 salmone calzone

assorted cake from cheese cake factory
LR: me, christy, nana, angel, jeli (@ Gelare)

@ Cheese Cake Factory-Tomang

Girls Night Out
My friend, Merry was back in Jakarta after two years we separated by the distance.
So, we spend night together.
We go to PI, ex, and finish @ pisa cafe-menteng
 LR: me,vio,merry
GPG's big family have dinner in Fat burger-ex
LR: vio,merry,me,debby,karina

 try manequin pose

We have some party here..@ pisa cafe
 our snack in this party

All of them except karina go back and have sleepover in my house.
And in the next day, we go to church together.
Really really miss the moment like this
LR: vio, merry, debby, me

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