Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Must My Personal Lacing Hairpiece or perhaps Expansion Be100% Remy Individual Nice Hair?

Their brief response is indeed!

Remy is usually seen as an definition if you are purchasing individual locks lacing front side wigs, complete lacing wigs, locks plug-ins or perhaps locks waver however what will the expression 'remy' (or perhaps rems) really suggest?

Be careful their No Remy Locks!

Whenever locks are gathered from giver, it ought to be reduce properly in order that all of the origins tend to be held collectively at one extreme and all sorts of the guidelines during the another. Many complete lacing locks wigs tend to be gnarled from remaining sweepings from hairdresser's flooring and you may make sure the guidelines & origins will likely be confused collectively. This may cause hair in order to natural object as well as flat quickly following just a couple washings once the fundamental cuticles might wipe towards one another as well as trigger rubbing as well as fixed electrical energy. To avoid this particular the makers frequently harm hair through denudation from the number one level as well as exchanging it for silicone polymer to provide the sensation of the glossy directly lacing hairpiece, nevertheless, this particular silicone polymer shortly wears away following just a couple rinses and locks becomes rough as well as uncontrollable.

The good thing about normal Remy locks

Rems locks however has all of the cuticles lined up right deciding to make the locks very easy to brush (as well as hand brush when it comes to a human anatomy revolution lacing front side individual locks hairpiece) as well as which makes it much less susceptible to tangling. This offers durability towards locks so your complete lacing, lacing front side, or perhaps plug-ins will keep his or her normal gorgeous appearance. As well as including a little hundred% pure body organ oils off Kingdom of Morocco often helps keep your rustling& energy so that necessary for fit & beautiful locks.

Remy versus pure - the real difference!

But simply since the locks are remy, it doesn't indicate that it's all natural pure individual locks! It can have already been colored or perhaps experienced another substance procedures completed to that it. Just 100 % pure individual hair tend to be completely average. In order that usually, remy is preferable to no remy however pure is the greatest of all of the!

Complete Lacing Wigs versus Lacing Methodologies

Each forms of wigs come with remy individual locks and selection of that buying is actually totally your decision. However regardless of the design, it could be a glossy directly lacing hairpiece, yack directly lacing hairpiece, perverted directly lacing hairpiece or perhaps a system revolution lacing hairpiece, deeply revolution lacing hairpiece, or perhaps liquid revolution lacing hairpiece, just be sure their remy!

       Must My Personal Lacing Hairpiece or perhaps Expansion Be100% Remy Individual Nice Hair?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

happy mothers day

happy mothers day guys.
so if your like me, a student , extremely busy and dont have a car to drive around in. this is a mother day gifts guide for you.
 i bought my mom her gifts today, i am totally last minute so if you didnt get her anything you'll probably rush out to the store tomorrow morning and this should be  your list:
1. brownie or cake mix. if your good in the kitchen you can make her a sweet treat, i made my mom some fantastic brownie. or you can pick her up a some cookies or her fav snake at a near by bakery or deli

2. flowers. any supermarket sells them, easy to find or you can just cut them out of your neighbors lawn if you really want to, lol

3. if your still living at how/ teen, clean your room. i know my mom always tells me to clean my room so she will be happy just to see you helping out around the house.

4.pick up her favorite ice cream

5. paint her a picture. if your good with art, make her a picture with paints, oil pastels, chalk, pencil whatever floats ur boot

6. make her breakfast in the morning

7. when in doubt make her a homemade card saying how much you love her, i used to do that when i was really little and tape it to one of the gifts my dad got her ( which were ether cookie stuff or chocolate)


Monday, May 6, 2013

April favs

so its been a wile but i finally got my list together i was originally going to make a video but then i couldnt find time and was like screw it ill just make a blog post
    so this is my aprils favorites
so for perfume this was a no brainer by favorite perfume has been viva la juicy by juicy couture for the last two years im addicted to it, im pretty sure about that.
I also really like pink its my party body mist by VS and bath and body works secret wonderland
munches have been my guilty pleasure, i have 3 unfinished opened bags in my house at the moment, thats pretty bad. I love it because it has Doritos, pretzels, cheese doodles and sun chips all in one, i like the variety.

Hands down i have eaten the most  wish bone ranch dressing this month than anyone should ever eat . i went throw 3 large bottles and 1 small, thats crazy, i probably have ranch dressing in my blood.

lemonade, really any type is always a favorite of mine during the warmer months even though it was like 57 degrees today, i can only hope for those warmer days and with summer around the conter i just wanna go to the store and buy a shit load of lemonade
I got some hight waisted shorts from bullhead at Pacsun and im absolutely obsessed. they are so soft and comfy i am going to practically like in them .

Also i have been really loving a crew neck pullover sweatshirt i got from burton, its so comfy and reminds me of snowboarding since burton is a snowboarding company and for me i am already counting the months till snowboarding season, so its perfect.

lastly like any printed floral/patterned pants,  they really make an outfit springy with out wearing shorts
steve madden combate boots in black, all i can say is i practically live in these, i love them SOOOOOO MUUUCCCCHHHHH

also i have been living in my brown hightop coach sneakers, that i got last years back but you can still find them but in a more rencent edition.
Olay professionals facials cleanser brush, its a spinning brush you wash your face with and it really gets all the dirt and product out of your face i would recommend this to any one with acne.

Sally Hansen grown nails now, i have been trying it out , my nails never grew any faster but it helped them from braking

manzanilla grisi conditioner with collagen, even though i have red brown hair it sorta lightened it, if i had blonde hair it would have worked better

clean and clear deep action cream cleanser oil free. i have been using this as a face mask and then using the Olay facial brush to scrub it into my face and i see a difference right after. my face has less ance and the redness has been reduced.

cherry blossom rice milk body wash by organix, this smells absolutely amazing.

its a 10. this stuff is the bees knees. it helps to smooth hair and keep it from frizzing even in those crazy humide days. also it helps prevent braking ans split ends and protects against heat damage. it does 10 things and is a little expensive but the large bottle lasts for over half a year so its is a great buy and is worth splurging on.

john frieda frizz ease 3 days straight
this stuff keeps hair pin straight for 3 days i normally wash my hair after one and sometimes only on weekends i keep it in for 2 days straight but it really works ( very rarely 3 days, take a shower please). it makes your hair really soft.

makeup products

naked palette by urban decay
love all them colours and this palette is really pigmented and stays on pretty good

clinique moisture surge overnight mask
after one use it got ride of all my dry skin and im have been using it every night. absolutely amazing

bare minerals prime time oil control 
i have crazy oily skin, to the point that my makeup just slides off my face in the dead of winter when its 0 degrees F. my eyelids are oily its horrible but this really helps so much, i dont know why i didnt buy an oil control primer years ago, my face is matt all day now and my fondation stays on all day.

bare minerals canceler
i tried their powder foundation but it didnt give me the full coverage i need with my acne but this canceler is the best i have ever tried. it covers even the worst pimples and redness and stays all day.

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion in sin
 does a great job at keeping the make on but i need to use a oil control face primer with it or it will run off my face with the rest of my make up. this makes the eye make up a 1000 times brighter

clinique high impact mascara
amazing amazing amazing amazing. every lash prefect, no smug, no clumps, no eye lashes falling out or sticking together. i have been using this for like 3 years and finally got another tub and felll in  love all over again. its more waterprof than any waterprof mascara i have ever used and this mascara isnt eve waterprof. also it comes right off with makeup remover and does not rip my eye lashes out, i am never going back to any other mascara ever again. if you havent tried this go out now and buy it. everyone i know who has tried it loves it as well.