Saturday, April 20, 2013


NAIL polish of the Week
and yes this is now a thing, lol
now that the '' spring '' is here ( still in the 50s were i live) i try to change my nail polish once a week so ya know y not just make it into a weekly post. normally i go some crazy pattern but i kept it simple or the first post and just did sparkles.

the red is the names of the colours and companies they are from 

i had really long nails a week ago intill they all broke n had to cut them. so for a base coat i used
Sally Hansen nail growth miracle, i used to think it worked but now im pretty sure it doesnt might be an old bottle. it is in the colour innocent nude, 130. i wouldnt suggest this colour at all, its this reallly really ugly milky tan, even my friends were like ewww thats a gross colour.
  the colour on top that u can see is from ulta in boogie nights, its offically one of my favorite colours.  if you dont put a top coat on, it gives it a sand paper texture that all my friend absolutely adored. <3

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


MUSIC OF THE MONTH is just going to be a list of my fav songs  this month from albums old and new.It is also in no particular order, just how i remembered the songs.  hope you enjoy <3




CALVIN HARRIS- 18 MONTHS (full album)( fav songs from album)

























    of corse you can find all these songs on and itunes or any other music provider like pandora radio. or if all ends fail google it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Elegant As Well As Colourful Makeup Products

Did you know whenever you submit an area, you may be size upward in just a couple of seconds? Meaning, you need to be at the better stylish colourful conduct. Shade has become a section of exactly what gifts the 'great 1st feeling.' getting the appropriate makeup products shades might strengthen your youthfulness, cause you to feel secure as well as emphasize the most basic wonder. If you possess incorrect shades, it would possibly cause you to look sick, exhausted as well as old.

Regarding finding makeup products shades, many women own no hint. Many ladies put on his or her shades based on his or her impulse. Another ladies simply choose the present development in vogue. But still, you'll find other people who put on shades which buddies advocate. This can cause incorrect alternatives, cash squandered along with a 'not very' complementary appearance. Nevertheless, you don't need to imagine regarding shades as well as nor is it necessary to stay a professional.

Visit your stores and you may experience a type of shades available, however always possess a fashion in order to one. Merely fooling! We will provide many good guidelines below to help you get began.

Customizing the shade
In order to customize as well as personalize the shades, we'll make use of the periods to provide you with the better sight regarding attention, skin and hair sculpt. For period language, you will understand regardless if you are hot or perhaps cool off; lighter or perhaps deeply.

Hot or perhaps Cool Off
Hot shades illustrate world shades, brownish or perhaps golden colors. Cool off shades represent grey, light, black colored, deeply azure, greenish blue or perhaps azure vegetables. It will be possible for girl to put on whatever shade, however the difference is within the color.

Past any doubt, the essential important agent to find out if you find yourself hot or perhaps cool off will be the colour of hair. If you find yourself not able to decide the accurate attention shade or perhaps complexion, in that case your locks shade will give you the following better answer given that it structures the face.

Lighter or perhaps Deeply
Now you recognize regardless of whether the shade is actually hot or perhaps cool off, you ought to see whether it's lighter or perhaps deeply. Once again, your own skin sculpt, colour of locks as well as vision is the main determinant to determine if you find yourself lighter or perhaps deeply. If the vision tend to be lighter azure or perhaps lighter environmentally friendly, the shade is much lighter. If the vision tend to be brownish or perhaps black colored, then you're to select much deeper shades. If you find yourself deeply, you will look for a bronze makeup products shade to suit your own skin sculpt.

For a measure of just one in order to ten, what exactly is your own skin sculpt, attention as well as locks shade - using one becoming much lighter as well as ten becoming much deeper? You'd go with a deeply ebon shade for ten along with a paler shade for one. For instance, people from Mideast own deeply epidermis shades as well as black vision. So that they might go with a deeply shade. Alternatively, more Europeans own locks that will be blond as well as much lighter vision, so that they might select much lighter shades. When you get into their group of deeply, you will be from a five and better. Should you decide get into their group of lighter, you will be in between one as well as four.

Congrats! At this point you could decide just the right makeup products shade to suit your complexion.

                                              Elegant As Well As Colourful Makeup Products

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

its still cold out side

i love it how the frist day of spring was like a month ago yet its still about 20 degres in the morning. I  dont think that i ever stopped shaking. and i was for once really looking forward to the spring, shorts , sandals and light fun colours. if its not warm lets fake it, how to bring in the spring while still staying warm.
so this is

      i like to start off with a fresh new mani pedi. here i have french tips with gold tint sparkles at the base of my nail bed.
the gold sparkle nail polish is from the ulta collection at ulta and its called boogie nights
Next i always remember to layer, but to keep it fun i pick lighter and brighter colours for the spring rather than just going with the reg black and white 

this hot pink, white royal blue and green flannel is from Hollister, normally i buy my cardigans or flannels in a size bigger so there big but they didnt have this in my next size up so i got in in the 2nd size up and its huge on me, it partially swallows me whole i rolled up on sleeve and wore chunky arm candy.( srry for side pick) 

this shirt has a cute pocket on the right side with the logo
also the buttons are double stitched and it adds a nice design to a boring classic style
this shirt is aslo from Hollister , it is a white floral lace with a flare a little above the waist with cute buttons down the center. they way i have the straps makes it longer in the back than the front, if you want that aline look just make the straps longer.
this next cardigan is a beautiful pink coral( the camera doesnt do it any justice), its from abercombie and fitch . its pretty long im 5'9 and the back covers my butt and the sleeves are quater length that look cute if cuffed 

it has brown buttons with a ribbon strip around the edge , it adds some detail to the simply design

also of corse it has a navy blue abercombie moose
i paired it with this tank from OBEY that i got at zumies, this has to be on of my favorite brands and shirts. it has the face inside the star which is for me the most recognizable symbol of obey clothing. it says fidelity  peace liberty justice to the whole people (around the star and says east and west closer to the star)

the next cardigan is from forever 21 and is super soft. at first i didnt realize it but when i wore it for the first time about an hour into the day i realized how soft it was. if your going to wear a dark colour try to make it interesting like with metallic studs on the shoulders. make sure that the butons are turned in when you wear it or it doesnt look very flattering.

        the studs are all different shapes, sizes and colours it makes it very interesting
i paired this with a white shirt with gold ascents from abercombie and fitch
                    i really like the gold detail that is why i bought it it adds a pop of colour that is not load
                            has cute little pocket

                                 the collar:

lastly i like to layer a cute brown leather jacket when i go outside,  try to find one that has an interesting design and stitching. mine is from GUESS ( teen wear not grown up, you can get it at Macy's  and it is true to size )
 this is a beautiful dark espresso , the name of the colour is expresso but it looks a 10000 times better in person. the zipper zips on an angel. everyone i showed the jacket to online hated it but once they say it in person everyone / everyone who passed me absolutely loved it
 thy favorite part has to be the collar, it is like a big oval and you can see the collar of the shirt that you are wearing underneath it. i like to wear studded collar shirts from forever 21 when i wear this as a part of my outfit not just as a jacket

 the inter jacket is covered with criss cross stitching
 also i hear gold ascents are really in this season like jewelry and on shoes

Select Normal Makeup Products Goods for the Fit Epidermis

You could make your self appearance the greatest by utilizing normal makeup products, as well as we will clarify the reason why. Off vibrant nutrient basis in order to beautiful external body part rubric, there are lots of normal makeup products items that could make you be noticed. The times of females slathering his or her epidermis using chemical preservatives along with other dubious chemical substances inside their makeup products tend to be temporary. Selecting as well as atoxic variations of the makeup products is not always effortless, however choosing the appropriate goods away prevents you against contact with possible health problems.

Regardless of whether you are beginning to put on makeup products or perhaps a seasoned makeup products musician, people recommend normal makeup products for benefits in order to younger as well as fit epidermis. Numerous normal makeup products goods additionally have natural goods, however see the tag properly, they are not almost all upcoming thereupon facts! Actually, people reside in a nation that will not need the makers in order to include a list of item components in the tag.

A few of the components to prevent consist of parabens, formaldehyde-releasing chemical preservatives (FRP's) Oxybenzone, phthalates, butylated planck's constantydroxyanlsole (BHA), contribute, as well as scent. When these components are not suitable for women that are pregnant, do not wish to use them the skin irrespective! Always believe the cause of the goods through investigating the emblem before you purchase that it, or perhaps in the bare minimum prior to using that it. Search for qualifications from normal goods relationship as well as USDA natural tags become at ease with that goods you are selecting, and remember that these types of qualifications are far more strongly related to the cause of components as opposed to the components utilized in general.

Keep in mind that it's not only their beauty products you put on all day long, and items like nail enamel cleaner which can be a poor option. For less dangerous answer, select a acetone-free nail enamel cleaner using aloe vera as well as an E-enriched method. Whether or not that they promote being a normal item as well as have these types of, however do your homework to make sure they are not including another harmful components.

An additional illustration is actually attention trace. There are lots of mineral-based attention tincture and merchandise containing mixes concerning natural maize as well as grain basis dusts which are mild on the skin. Just the better normal makeup products goods will give you natural vitamin antioxidant to provide you with more than simply a good appearance, they may be able possibly expand everything also!

There exists a increasing interest in the greatest normal makeup products goods, as well as for valid reason. For the fit as well as nutrient ingredients which might renew one, we advice dealing with you to ultimately normal wellness goods. Many of us are regarding consumers and can still explain to you simple tips to use all of them with the increasing web site concerning makeup products lessons. Appear check us out right now to find out additional!

                             Select Normal Makeup Products Goods for the Fit Epidermis