Saturday, April 20, 2013


NAIL polish of the Week
and yes this is now a thing, lol
now that the '' spring '' is here ( still in the 50s were i live) i try to change my nail polish once a week so ya know y not just make it into a weekly post. normally i go some crazy pattern but i kept it simple or the first post and just did sparkles.

the red is the names of the colours and companies they are from 

i had really long nails a week ago intill they all broke n had to cut them. so for a base coat i used
Sally Hansen nail growth miracle, i used to think it worked but now im pretty sure it doesnt might be an old bottle. it is in the colour innocent nude, 130. i wouldnt suggest this colour at all, its this reallly really ugly milky tan, even my friends were like ewww thats a gross colour.
  the colour on top that u can see is from ulta in boogie nights, its offically one of my favorite colours.  if you dont put a top coat on, it gives it a sand paper texture that all my friend absolutely adored. <3

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