Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Charming Beautiful Polka Dot Scarf Wrap Women Lady Girl Shawl - Perfect Accessories in and Outside the Workplace

I love the polka dot pattern, especially on women's ties. Depending on the color combination and size of the dots, they can appear both professional and playful, which means they can be worn in variety of social settings. Womens neckwear can be both fun and serious depending on these factors.

What is a Polka Dot?

It is a pattern which consists of dots which are of equal space and size. According to Wiktionary, an online open content dictionary, it is "any number of uniform round dots, repeated to make a regular geometric pattern on a fabric". The dots are perfectly round circles.

Often they are filled in with one color and set against a background of a different color, although this need not be the case. I've come across solid color neckties where the polka dots were part of the woven fabric. Nor do the dots themselves need to be completely filled in with one color. In fact, they can be a rainbow of colors so long as they are equally spaced from one another and the same size as their neighbors. So long as those two criteria are met, the sky's the limit when it comes to the color combinations!

Polka Dots for Professionals

Dressing the part of a professional calls for an understated, non-distracting and conservative look. How do polka dot neckties help to achieve this? For one, the smaller in size, the better. Sometimes they are so small that they are referred to as "pin dots". Such ties definitely add an air of sophistication and are ideal for the work place.

Color also plays a factor. There is no doubt that black and white polka dot neckwear is perfect for formal wear and the work environment. Any other combinations which blend in with the rest of your attire are perfectly suitable as well. This means a bright pink and yellow polka dot necktie should be saved for more informal settings.

Playful Polka Dots

This is where things can get really crazy - and fun! Outside of the office you can go hog wild with an array of men's polka dot ties in every color combination under the sun. For a more whimsical look, try neckwear with larger polka dots. The larger the dots, the more youthful the accessory appears. Also, you may want to experiment with different sized dots although it is hard to say whether the pattern can still be considered polka dot, but who cares!

You can be as bold as you like. Some polka dots are large enough to contain images inside of them and are good to go with if you want to include a novelty theme. Anything pretty much goes.


Polka dot ties are very versatile accessories which can be worn in every setting imaginable. Their size and color combination dictate where and when you should wear them. In fact, if you love them, you could devote an entire wardrobe to them and never run out of ties to wear!