Saturday, May 11, 2013

happy mothers day

happy mothers day guys.
so if your like me, a student , extremely busy and dont have a car to drive around in. this is a mother day gifts guide for you.
 i bought my mom her gifts today, i am totally last minute so if you didnt get her anything you'll probably rush out to the store tomorrow morning and this should be  your list:
1. brownie or cake mix. if your good in the kitchen you can make her a sweet treat, i made my mom some fantastic brownie. or you can pick her up a some cookies or her fav snake at a near by bakery or deli

2. flowers. any supermarket sells them, easy to find or you can just cut them out of your neighbors lawn if you really want to, lol

3. if your still living at how/ teen, clean your room. i know my mom always tells me to clean my room so she will be happy just to see you helping out around the house.

4.pick up her favorite ice cream

5. paint her a picture. if your good with art, make her a picture with paints, oil pastels, chalk, pencil whatever floats ur boot

6. make her breakfast in the morning

7. when in doubt make her a homemade card saying how much you love her, i used to do that when i was really little and tape it to one of the gifts my dad got her ( which were ether cookie stuff or chocolate)


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