Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Am i having twins?

 is she me? I am confused, i feel like someone else,but who?? 

Many friends told me that my face look alike Hallie Berry. But, there are some friends said that i look alike Victoria Beckham. All of the opinian appear after i had new haircut, 'BONDOL' (i dont know how to call in english). I cutted my hair not because i want to follow their style, its because i wanna try to go out from my comfort zone in my long hair, so i dared my self to cut it. AND, it was successful, i feel fresh and more comfortable than before. 
BUT, Yes, i admit it, my face is look alike Hallie Berry. hahahhaha

 Red shoes: Unbranded; Blazzer: mom's stuff but i modifyed it, short pants: Blue Rags; eyeglasses: Christaldo
 Yellow ring: Warni warni; Black Ring: d'PLUSH Fac Tory; bracelet: Unbranded-Market in Thailand
 Bag: Unbranded

So, what do u think?am i look alike Hallie Berry or Victoria Beckam or someone else or NONE??

PS: 1,2,3: Hallie Berry; 4. Victoria Beckham

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