Monday, September 5, 2011

bigger = not slender

This red top made my day so colorful. Unique design and eye catching color. I wear this to go to office. I mix this top that has big size (not fit to your body) with fitted skirt. At least, i still can see slender form at the bottom because the top is big.

 buttoned at the back
 red top: mom's 
stitched skirt

Look at these pictures made me feel a little bit chubby especially in the legs. I think now, my leg become bigger than before. do u think so? I think, before my leg is slender and now it isnt. Yes, now I'm in the process to raise my weight. And the results are very visible from my leg shape. LOL
 wedges from belezza. others are unbranded
ribbon ring from Plush Shop --> its for two fingers

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